• Conceptual Design with Autodesk Revit

  • Diverse training in all aspects of Revit

  • Bespoke training, support and consulting packages

No nonsense industry leading BIM specialists...

What we do

We study the industry, identify problems and deliver solutions. Our knowledge is second to none, we will never say ‘it can’t be done’.
We provide training courses for every occasion

Training Courses

...whether its on-site or in-house, from novice to expert, computational design to content creation, we’ve got it covered.
Think of a webinar as a way of attending a seminar without ever having to leave the comfort of your own PC, Laptop or generic fruit branded device.

Online Webinars

The live sessions demonstrate the application of Revit with real world examples and useful tips and tricks.

You can thank us later.

We like building stuff. Especially clever stuff, stuff that works! You tell us what you need and what you need it to do and we will build it for you.

Content Creation

Our consultancy service is a process of interaction over a period of time that encourages a shift in how you work, what you deliver, and how you achieve it.

Your problem is our problem and we thrive on discovering solutions.

Consulting Packages

To help with sticking points and to solve problems quickly we provide online web-support.

This allows us to take a look at your computer remotely and assist you live on screen.

Support Services